DOME-E-NATION /// Max De Vries
Monday 7th January 2013

Happy 2013 from Max de Vries, may pre-teens be uberpro’s and let Haribo sponsor the Xgames.

DOME-E-NATION /// Dominik Wagner
Monday 7th January 2013

Austrian style in our lowlands domescene. Dom is good and spend just an hour filming slash warming up before Rock a Rail.

Tuesday 18th December 2012

17 year old Jules Hense has been shredding the oldest skidome in the world since he’s a fucking baby  but we don’t get to see enough of him but he dome-e-nates fo sho.

DOME-E-NATION /// Len Jørgensen
Tuesday 18th December 2012

Our Norwegian homie ‘the real Len’ leaves destruction behind after his Rock a Rail presession.

DOME-E-NATION /// Wessel Van Lierop
Tuesday 18th December 2012

Dome-E-Nator of last year straight up murders another summer under the cold roofs of our local shred domes.

DOME-E-NATION /// Øivind Fykse
Tuesday 13th November 2012

Together with theMustachio we started another round of Dome-E-Nations, showing which kids currently rule the indoor game. Starting with our Norwegian homie  Oivind, he’s been visiting for a few summers in a row now and grown pretty well known among us indoor kids.

Rock a Rail Recap
Tuesday 13th November 2012

We thought it was not possible to top last years event but it happened. Ones again the sickest railbattle that has ever been went down in The Hague, Holland. Thousands of spectators got amped by good music, good snowboarding and hail. During the finals the party erupted and the crowd didn’t let the rain ruin anything.

Wednesday 7th November 2012

The prototype of our first tshirt just came in. It has a PAD (toad) on it being lazy as fuck. We’ll start production shortly but there will only be a limited amount available.